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Growing Tree provides excellence preschool in Cupertino.

Growing Tree provides excellence preschool in Saratoga.

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Preschool in Cupertino is growing tree education center

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Preschool/TK/Kindergarten Programs

Preschool Programs (Potty Training) -
2 years through 3 years
(啟蒙班 - 2歲至3歲)

For many children, this program gives the children first experience of being a member of his or her own community. The child is not served, but is allowed and encouraged to be a functioning member of the community, leading him or her to a feeling of pride.

This period of a child’s life has many physical and emotional needs that can be met in a uniquely prepared toddler environment. The space is beautifully designed to appeal to the child’s curiosity. The materials in the room continue to change as the child grows emotionally, physically and intellectually.

2020~2021 Tuition Information (2020.08.01 ~ 2021.07.31)

 Full Time Preschool Program, Potty Training (2 years through 3 years)
 Class Time  Monthly Tuition  Bi-Annual Tuition
 Annual Tuition
 M~F  9:00AM~6:00PM
 $1,620  $9,428
 MWF 9:00AM~6:00PM
 TTH  9:00AM~6:00PM


Preschool Programs- 3 years through 5.5 years
(學前班 - 3歲至5.5歲)

The ages between 3 and 5.5 are the most critical period of a child's development. At this age, a child is like a sponge and is able to absorb far more than adults can. This is also a critical period for language acquisition and a great time for bilingual development.

Our immersion program provides students with enough vocabulary, structure and competency to understand and express themselves bilingually. Children entering the program need to be potty trained prior to being admitted, thus allowing our teachers to maximize their teaching time.

2020~2021 Tuition Information (2020.08.01 ~ 2021.07.31)

* Full Time Preschool Program (3 years through 5.5 years)1

* PK+/TK Program (4.5 years ~ 5.5 years)

 Class Time  Monthly Tuition  Bi-Annual Tuition  Annual Tuition
 M~F  9:00AM~6:00PM  $1,480  $8,614  $16,694
 MWF 9:00AM~6:00PM  $1,100  $6,402  $12,408
 TTH   9:00AM~6:00PM  $   920  $5,354  $10,378

Kindergarten Program- 5 years through 6 years

Our Kindergarten program follow the California Standard incorporating Montessori teaching philosophy with enhanced math, reading, and science curriculum. We welcome your young 5 age children to join this program and continue the Montessori tradition at Little Tree Montessori International School.

2020~2021 Tuition Information (2020.08.01 ~ 2021.07.31)

* Kindergarten Program (5 years ~ 6 years)

 Class Time  Monthly Tuition  Bi-Annual Tuition  Annual Tuition
 M~F  9:00AM~6:00PM  $1,480  $8,614  $16,694
 MWF 9:00AM~6:00PM  $1,100  $6,402  $12,408
 TTH   9:00AM~6:00PM  $   920  $5,354  $10,378

* Bi-Annual Tuition Payment receives 3% discounts; Annual Tuition Payment receives 6% discounts. 
* 10 % discount for siblings.(cannot be combined with other discounts) 
* An additional $100 (M~F), $60 (MWF) and $40 (TTH) is charged for non-potty trained children 3yrs and up. 
* Assessment is $20 (non-refundable, non-transferable). 
* Registration is $120 (non-refundable, non-transferable). 
* Annual fee is $80 (non-refundable, non-transferable, non-prorated). 
* Deposit: One-month tuition (Deposit is refundable with 30-day written notice of withdrawal)
* All fees, assessments & enrollment package are due no less than 2 weeks before your child's first day of class. 
* See our Admission Agreement and Parent Handbook for more details.

 If you have further questions and want to learn more about Little Tree or want to get the application process started, feel free to Contact Us  to schedule an appointment.

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