Preschool / TK / Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Below is our preschoo/TK/Kindergarten daily schedule, which may vary slightly from class-to-class depending on student needs.

Full Time Preschool Program, Potty Training

(2 years through 3 years)

Class Time Activities
09:00AM~10:30AM Work Time (Snack provided)
10:30AM~11:00AM Circle Time (Chinese/English)
11:00AM~11:30AM Playground
11:30AM~11:50AM Bathroom
11:50AM~12:10PM Setup for Nap Time
12:10PM~01:00PM Lunch
01:00PM~02:40PM Nap Time
02:40PM~03:00PM Clean-Up
03:00PM~03:30PM Circle Time (English/Chinese)
03:30PM~04:50PM Work Time (snack provided)
04:50PM~05:20PM Playground
05:20PM~05:30PM Clean-Up
05:30PM~06:00PM Music & Movement

Full Time Preschool Program

(3 years through 5.5 years)

Class Time Activities
09:00~10:40AM Work Time / English Reading Group (PK)
10:40~11:00AM Circle Time (Chinese / English)
11:00~11:30AM Playground Time / Snack Time / Bathroom
11:30AM~11:50AM Bathroom
11:30~11:45AM Story / Music / Movement Time
11:45AM~12:00PM Bathroom / Set Up Lunch and Bedding
12:00~01:00PM Lunch Time / Bathroom / Clean-Up
01:00~03:00PM Nap Time
03:00~03:30PM Getting Up / Bathroom / Snack Time
03:30~04:00PM Circle Time (English / Chinese)
04:00~04:30PM Playground Time
04:30~05:30PM Work Time
05:30~05:45PM Music and Movement Time
05:45~06:00PM Story Time and Clean Up

Kindergarten Program

(5 years through 6 years)

Class Time Activities
09:00~10:30AM Montessori work period / Reading Group
10:30-10:45AM Snack Time (snack provided)
10:45-11:15AM Circle Time (English/ Chinese)
11:15-11:45AM Playground Time
11:45-12:00PM Story / Music and Movement Time
12:00-12:45PM Lunch Time and Bathroom Checks
12:45-01:00PM Clean Up / Prepare Cots

Nap Time

03:00-03:20PM Clean Up / Bathroom Checks
03:20-04:00PM Circle Time (Chinese/English)
04:00-04:15PM Snack Time (snack provided)
04:15-05:00PM Montessori Work Time/Group Work Time)
05:00-05:30PM Story / Music and Movement Time

Playground Time